Month: June 2019

Meet fellow researchers, doctors and inspiring experts in the medical, clinical and healthcare field.


Ultimate Checklist: How To Peer-Review Scientific Papers and Manuscripts

Peer-Reviewing for Beginners and Experts It’s no secret that peer-review- or reviewers, lie at the heart of most scientific publishing processes. In essence, peer-review systems exist to validate and improve the quality of research papers and help increase your recognition and networking possibilities in the field. Sooner or later, every researcher or academician like yourself…
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European Congress on Clinical Oncology 2019: Program, Speakers, Venue and More

It’s no secret that most bright minds in the cancer research space are joined by competing priorities of funding, budget and other issues of safety, side effects, impact and risk factors. As Europe’s leading conference on cancer research, advances and challenges in the field, we at the European Congress on Clinical Oncology or ECCO are…
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