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European Congress on Clinical Oncology

As Europe‚Äôs leading congress on oncology, ECCO aims to facilitate the advancement of oncological research and viable cancer treatments.  

Key Topics: Immunotherapy breakthroughs, early diagnosis biomarkers, rethinking clinical trial design.

Date:  29 October, 2019
Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Frankfurt, Germany


World Congress
On Psychological Science

Key Topics: Impact of social media on psychology, Behaviour therapy, Coping with emotions

Date:  9 November, 2019
Venue: Hotel Mercure, Vienna, Austria

hotel mercure_psychology conference

European Annual Health Summit

Key Topics: Control and Prevention of Heart Diseases, Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, Breakthroughs against autoimmune disorders, Public Health and Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Pharmacology, Pediatric Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

Date: 14 December, 2019
Venue: Hotel Roma Aurelia, Rome, Italy


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